Let’s Get Started!

Ready to begin coaching?

There are three steps to getting started.


Step One: Complementary Discovery Session

After you contact me, we will set up an appointment to chat. We will spend about 30 minutes discussing questions such as:
What is coaching?
Is coaching right for you?
Am I the right coach for you?
How can coaching benefit you?
What would you like to be coached on?
What coaching packages are available?

If you are ready to move forward, we will go to…


Step Two: Complementary Foundational Session

In this session we will establish our coaching relationship and begin exploring more where you would like to be coached. We will spend up to 45 minutes and focus on:
-Discussing and understanding our coaching agreement
-Getting to know you
-Considering the topics you’d like to be coached on in the following weeks

Next, you choose your coaching package, and then…


Step Three: Our Coaching Relationship Begins!

I help you in the areas you choose. The format will depend on which package you’ve chosen to purchase.


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